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Spaces Marquês de Pombal provides you with a workplace to suit your needs, right in the city center, with offices, meeting rooms and co-working areas. Located at number 14 of Praça Marquês de Pombal (round about) two steps away from public transport (two metro lines and several bus lines), SpacesMarquês de Pombal has for a unique price, fully equipped offices, including furniture, telephones, basic service bills and receptionist and a coffee bar.

Offices with or without windows, office suites and co-working are the rental modalities available in a modern, well-lit space, with balconies on the upperfloors, furnished and with satellite TV access in the common areas.

The options vary between individual offices or offices for several people (up to 120) and can be rented for a minimum of one month or a maximum of one year(renewable), with or without furniture, with or without outside view, among many other combinations, according to the specificity of each client.

Contact us and ask for your personalised budget.


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