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Casa Figueira Grande, is a 1.5 haproperty for local accommodation, cooperative, social and food production events. In this enclosure, there is a 496 sqm masonry challet and a 250 sqm tentset in a masonry floor, an esplanade area, a garden area surrounding the tent.And an agricultural plot with a surface area of 11,446 sqm.

The Challet is located at about 2:30hours from Lisboa and 2 hours from Porto (by car) and 15 minutes from Covilhã, a university town equipped with all the essential needs. Also 30 minutes from the best ski resorts in the country.

Space for holdingevents :

 »» 1 Economat

»» Personal bathroom

»» Kitchen

»» Crown area

»» Storage area

»» Cold zone (refrigeration andfreezing chambers)

»» Bar and storage

»» Public toilets for ladies,gentlemen and people with reduced mobility

»» Uncovered esplanade area of110 sqm

»» Parking for 30 vehicles

»» Garden surrounding the eventtent with automatic watering system

»» Gas pipeline with a 600Kgcapacity depot


Building for ruraltourism :

Composed of amain house, a swimming pool (bar, changing rooms and barbecue), a tennis court,garden places, several warehouses, a parking space.  


 Main house of 3floors :


Floor 0 (intended almost exclusively for the common use areas ofthe residence), as conviviality spaces and support services.

»» 1 Collection of tools

»» 1 Beverage cellar

»» Games room

»» Room with support bar and toilet (unisex)

»» 1 Dining room (cellar)

»» 1 Dining room (family)

»» 1 Living/reading room with fireplace

»» Unisex toilets

»» WC support for service staff

»» The laundry

»» Gas collection by pipeline (30 kg bottles)

»» 2 Wood-fired ovens

»» 1 Heating oil tank

»» 1 technical area for the control of water supply, central heatingwith oil boiler, 2 water tanks and control of water heating by solar panelsystem.

 Note:all rooms have access to the outside garden area.


Floor 1 (intended almost exclusively for housing).


»» 1 living room for breakfast, with fireplace

»» 5 twin rooms (2 beds and a half), all with full bathroom

»» 1 triple room, (2 rooms with 1 double bed + 2 and a half beds) withfull bathroom

»» 1 Kitchen  

»» 1 Room for small meals

»» 1 Office

»» 1 full bathroom to support the rooms and one bedroom

»» 1 large dining room and living room with fireplace

»» 1 bedroom

»» 1 Pantry

»» 2 Awnings that function as an independent access for people at home


Floor 2

»» 2 Single rooms

»» 1 double bedroom with toilet and cupboard

»»1 toilet for single rooms

»»1 Collection


Outdoor space

»» 3 Gardens

»» 2 Living areas (table with catering facilities)

»» 1 Water tank

»» 1 Swimming pool (12x6mt)  

»» 1 Swimming pool support machine room

»» 1 swimming pool support building (bar + changing rooms / ladies andgentlemen)

»» 1 Barbecue

»» 2 Collections

»» 2 parking spaces

»» 1 ha of agricultural land, with the possibility of cultivating fruittrees and vines  


The whole house has central heating and hot water,powered by solar panels  and a well whichsupplies the whole house with drinking water.

The sewage system is channelled to septic tanks, whichhave been built.

Easy access to the EN18, which connects the towns ofCovilhã and Guarda.

Access to the A23 (motorway from the inner rim), whichprovides access to the A25.


Asking Price: 1.000.000 euros



·       Grosssurface area (m²) : 1.5 ha

·      Usefulsurface area (m²): 496 sqm

·       Typology:T10

·       Bathrooms: 10

·       Energycertificate: E

·       Status:Used

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